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See What Others Are Saying…

”…I WILL BE GOING HOT WITH THIS MONDAY ALSO! This is a 5 tick /CL scalp with trend catcher. 21-0! 21 trades x 5 ticks a trade = 105 tick profit ($1050) / 1 contract 8am – 12pm EST only … Nice day for me today …”

– Tim Lang
”Hello Darrel Martin! Thanks to APEX, I’m such a better trader now. I just wanted to thank you! Loving the trend catcher, apex diag, mvp, etc. but the TC, what a money maker on the 5 and 20 min. 345.00 per contract x 50 on Monday. 244 on Tuesday, and 195 on Wednesday. Thanks!!!!

- Joseph Banegas
”Great tech support service! Thank you…”

- Michael Burford
”Thank you so much! I  learned more in an hour  than I had in the past 20 years combined.”

– Jim S., Visalia, CA
”Absolutely a no-brainer! In 30 years as a Certified Public Accountant, this is the most exciting thing I’ve seen.”

– Eddie B. (former)
TD Ameritrade Account Executive
”I’m having great success following the  signals. My track record for the last 10 years is impressive to say the least  The contingency plans for the  Trade are also well organized if the position becomes endangered. The follow up with questions are also prompt and in-depth. All in all, a very good service which is one I’m happy to stay with.”

– T.Gwynne. Thailand.
”The APEX One Pattern For All Markets trading system is a fantastic way to get into futures trading!  My first trade was successful and provided the low stress, easy to manage trade that produced the income that I was looking for.”

During my first week, with light trading, I made 12.5% on my small account!

The system is easy to understand and the training is superb.  Any question or concern I have is always met with a prompt response.

Using Ninja takes care of all the order management for you and takes the stress out of handling too many orders at once.  This has allowed me to stop getting in the way of myself, get back on track with my trading goals, and become a profitable trader again.”

– Dan Texas
”…You guys just don’t know how many lives you have changed! Your systems are not only reliable, but consistent as well! If it weren’t for you guys, we’d all be lost trying to trade nadex. I have been losing money to offshore binary brokers for the past year. Always thought nadex was like some weird stock options thing and never gave it a try. As a newbie, the first place i went to was youtube, And the only videos I saw were apex videos.lol I have been using the premium collection butterflies strategy and have turned $100 into over $2000 in the same day. It’s just too good to be true, but this time it is actually true. I also want to add that I only traded the demo account for two days before I made a deposit. Your videos were super long…but very helpful. Thank you for helping traders. And now I can possibly finish my education and use trading to help fund. Thank you!”

– Grateful Trader
”Let me take this opportunity to say that I really value and appreciate your ethics level and sense of integrity on the tools, trading rules, philosophy, service and products you put out. And how you refuse to release junk. i.e. you really test across many platforms, OS’es, etc, work out all the bugs and try to break it or crash it before giving it to us. After all, not only is your reputation is on the line but we all so dearly want to make money trading NOW.
I’m sure I can vouch for every one in the community by saying you torch-er us by ”dangling these carrots” in front of us on what’s in development and all the exciting things up and coming from your APEX team; but you won’t release them until they are ready.
I’m still learning, still surviving as a trader thanks to you. I’m looking forward to a flourishing and prosperous new year.”

– Steve – Los Angeles
”I’m new here and I can`t believe how helpful everyone is, Darrell of course but guys from the forum like movemaker and ddott always around answering my questions I never spent time on here before as I thought the home page looked cheesy and seeing the word binary scared me off to be honest. MAN WAS I WRONG
!m starting to see the light with Apex and will post an update when live.

– Jr – needpips
TC is paying off, anywhere from 16 to 39.50 per contract! 5 min binary

– Joseph Banegas
”I wish to thank Darrell for his unparalleled dedication to getting information out there for us to utilize so that we may be successful!”

– Grateful Trader
”Again, thank you. You have fulfilled all our dreams and we will give back to those less fortunate. You will always be our friend and we look forward to thanking you in person.”

– Gary
”I am just about done trading on my first real day after studying the APEX method for a few weeks, so far up $400. Just wanted to say thanks. Looks like this may really work out for me.”

– skunkyisme – Daniel
”I have exceeded the profit target for the day!! Thanks to APEX Investing! Taking off early. Have a good day everyone.”

– kalebskalicky
”I want to say thank you to DM for talking me into staying with APEX. Well played trades on CL and TF this morning. Exceeded profit targets many times. Thanks DM and all the APEX crew.”

– etranger
”True story, wife watch me. She learn. Her last day work tomorrow. She do apex. No longer beat her body walking concrete. Thank you DARRELL. She is LPN at nursing home no longer.”

– Scarryg
”$1736 + day Live, nerve racking but nice…”

– Maxxwell69
”ok..this is too cool….10 trades..net $990
7 trades nearly 200 in a short time”

– lh541
”Yeah, I will call it the night now with 17 trades 12 profit 5 loses +$336”

– maxxwell69
”Made $660 in 26 minutes today on TC. Called it good. Met my 5% goal and called it quits! I see a new ”future” here! Ha, see what I did there? 17 and 2 wow that is awesome!”

– Christopher Wall
”I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are all VERY much appreciative of the hard work getting the TC system up and running smoothly! Not to mention with the added visual enhancements.”

– skyhigh
”I’m a newbie here to Apex and I wanted to thank you for everything you have created here. I have bounced around trading without a solid method/system for years. I’ve never been more excited about trading until I accidentally found Apex on the Ninja Ecosystem, thanks again.”

– zentrader2015
”That’s $2,190 trading one contract, for 5 hours work!!! Who makes money like that, APEX traders, that’s who!”

– donaldavid
”$16900 Trading TF from 0930 to 1100 for past 6 weeks”

– Christopher Wall
”This is a quick note to say THANK YOU for all of your hard work!
After about 5+ years of almost ”full-time” learning how to day trade, today is the first day that my live account is up 10.0% including commissions and slippage by 10:30 AM following your new revised Trend Catcher. Also, I’m doing the smart thing and stop trading for the rest of the day. Thanx again”

– Eric
”The first week I went live. 2 days up 2K.”

– fbeaston
“As of October 6th, 2010  account value was $291,528.77
Just 19 days later the account value was $301,045.59
I made nearly $10,000 in just a few weeks!”

– Joe

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