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News Flash! Eurostat To Release Flash GDP And The Trade Balance Nadex Binary Option Signals

France and Germany release their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers earlier than Eurostat and so this report tends to have a moderate impact. However, it still has an impact on the markets, enough for a Iron Condor neutral strategy.

The Flash GDP is the change in the inflation-adjusted value of goods and services produced by the economy. Eurostat releases two versions of the GDP: the Flash and then 20 days later, the Revised. Since the Flash comes first it has more impact than the Revised. The GDP is the broadest measure of economic activity and the primary measure of economic health.

Immediately after the Flash GDP, Eurostat releases the Trade  Balance numbers which is the difference in value between imported and exported goods and services during the month. This is a monthly report whereas the Flash GDP is quarterly. A positive Trade Balance means more goods and services were exported than imported.

To set up for this trade you would enter your Nadex Spreads trading the EUR/USD contracts for an Iron Condor as early as 11:00 PM the night before the reports come out. For this trade you want to have a minimum profit potential of $35. You would buy the lower spread and sell the upper spread. The ceiling of your bought lower spread should be the same market price as the floor of your upper sold spread, and the price should be right around where the current underlying market price is at time of entry. The reports are released at 5:00 AM EST Friday, February 13, 2015. Therefore, look for spreads with a 7:00 AM EST expiration.

Just after the announcements the market will move. The closer the market returns to the ceiling of your bought spread and the floor of your sold spread the higher your profit. Apex Investing analyzes the market movement in last 24 months after specific news events to come up with the recommended trade strategies and minimum profit potentials.




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Retail Sales Reports Create Trade Opportunity With Nadex Spreads

On Thursday, February 12, 2015, the Census Bureau will release the Core Retail Sales and Retail Sales reports.

Aren’t they the same?

Actually, no.

The Core Retail Sales report is the change in the total value of retail sales excluding automobile sales. Apparently automobile sales tend to be very volatile; so the sales data on autos is kept out of the core report, but is included in the Retail Sales report.

Both reports are released monthly about 13 days after the month ends. These reports offer the earliest and broadest look at consumer spending which for the United States accounts for the majority of economic activity.

To trade these reports that come out on Thursday at 8:30 AM EST, it is recommended to use Nadex Spreads and set up an Iron Condor. Apex Investing analyzes 24 months of market moves after specific scheduled news releases looking for consistency in the number of pips moved after the news release.

For this scheduled news event you can trade the EUR/USD using Nadex Spreads buying a lower spread and selling an upper spread. You want to enter as early as 8:00 AM EST with an expiration of 10:00 AM EST for a minimum profit potential of $30. You can use the Nadex Spread Scanner on the Apex Investing website to easily find your spreads and determine the profit potential.



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