About Us

About Us:

We are traders committed to helping other traders. We are based out of the United States in Texas.

Apex Investing Institute is your source for learning how to trade on Nadex. Apex Investing Institute provides education for forex, futures, stock, options, binaries and box spreads!

To help expedite the learning curve on this already simple pattern, Apex Investing Institute provides simple plugins that work on multiple platforms and are compatible with over 50 brokers, on over 200 exchanges in 19 countries spread across the globe on 5 continents.

Apex provides a live box spread scanner and other powerful tools.


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Apex Investing Institute, LLC
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Free members can try all of our services at no cost with no credit card required. Try out our indicators, strategies, educational videos, box spread scanner and even join us for live trading webinars. Free members also get access to our Free Nadex step by step educational videos and trading forum. Get free access to trading platforms, live futures and forex data, and more with our free membership.

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ELITE MEMBERSHIP – more detail and trials are available in the free member area.

You can choose what you want piece by piece or choose the best value and become an Apex Elite Member. Apex Elite members obtain access to Apex Investing Institute’s powerful online classroom with education, daily live trading room, weekly live educational webinars, the apex nadex spread scanner, the apex diagnostic bars, the apex premium indicators, and the apex diagnostic deviation levels.



  • Want to trade along with us. Then check out our live trading rooms open every day. We have a room for Elite Trade Room For Trading The Apex Elite System.

Apex Diagnostic Trading Bars: 

  • Apex Diagnostic Bars (Not your average bar. Filter out market noise, completely customizable)  Better than any time, range, or renko bar on the market.
  • Apex Diagnostic Bar Timer Indicator (lets you see if bars are taking a long time to form)
  • Apex Diagnostic Bar Velocity Indicator (Lets you see how fast bars are forming)
  • Apex Diagnostic Bar Range Indicator (Lets you see at what price the bar will complete or reverse)
  • Apex Diagnostic Bar Sizer (Lets you know how big to make the bar each day based on implied volatility)

Apex Diagnostic Indicators:

  • A.P.E.X. Diagnostic Pattern Automated Plotting On The Chart
  • A.P.E.X. DiagnosticPattern Scanner to see price levels for exact entry
  • A.P.E.X. DiagnosticPower lines to know where to move your trailing stops to
  • A.P.E.X. Diagnostic Trend Line To confirm Trend Direction and Entries.
  • A.P.E.X. Diagnostic Market Analyzer to Scan Multiple markets for APEX entries
  • A.P.E.X. Automated Strategy to help you manage orders and quickly learn how to follow the APEX Pattern rules.

Apex Box Spread Scanner:

  • Find the best trade in seconds
  • Analyzes all USD based underlying Nadex Spreads
  • Analyze Hedge Trades In Seconds
  • Includes: Auto Nadex Platform Ticket Plugin


Apex Diagnostic Implied Deviation Levels:

Find out how far the market expects each market to move in the next 24 hours. These level use a deviation formula that extracts the underlying markets implied volatility to factor in market expectation. These levels are great for tightening stops, taking profits, doing reversals, knowing when to stop taking additional trades, gauging how much room a market has left to move on any given day and selecting strikes on binaries. They pinpoint support and resistance levels each day with amazing accuracy. Now you can auto plot these levels on your charts instantly.

APEX P3 NADEX BINARY & SPREAD TRADING SIGNALS – more details are available in the free member area.

These trades focus primarily on binaries. They provide advance long and short signals on a variety of markets that can be traded in the US on Nadex. They also now include deviation level trades, straddles, news trades, reversals, and apex trades. Full details in the free member website.


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We look forward to helping you become a better trader.

Apex Investing Institute, LLC

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