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To Sign Up For Your Evaluation Account

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Use this coupon code: APEX50 for 50% off any plan New and Recurring charges.
Not for resets or PA Fees

Choose your plan.
Go to the inbox of the email address you just used to sign up.


You will see login information immediately after purchase. Also you can open the Confirmation Email. Or you can just click on the setup Rithmic and Ninja Trader button for your info.

Click the agreement page when you download and install R Trader.. Then add the connection to NinjaTrader, which will show your new evaluation account as an option. Also keep  Rithmic Trader to see your account threshold.


Pass Your Evaluation Account And Get Funded

Begin trading with more buying power.

Funding FAQ

Do I have to complete the test in a certain amount of days?

You can take as long as you want to complete the test for the profit goal.

Can I do this without being registered as a CTA? (Commodity Trading Advisor)

There are no registrations required for trading the funded account.

Does the company dictate how many contracts I can trade during the test phase?

Each plan has a maximum number of contracts. However, we recommend no more than ONE contract per $1200 of max stop loss. So, if you can lose up to $2500 on a plan, then we teach you to trade a maximum of TWO contracts, even though the company may allow eight.

Can I take the test trading in SIM or do I have to trade with live money?

It is done in SIM with a specific SIM account they give you. You will login with the Rithmic (or Tradovate) Username and Password, which will provide you data, a key, and an account you can select for trading.

During this test period, can I trade that and my live account at the same time?

Yes, you can trade your live and test accounts at the same time. In order to trade both accounts simultaneously you must have a Ninja Key you have purchased if trading with Ninja Brokerage. If trading with IB or TDA or Forex on NinjaTrader you will need a multi broker license.

Do you do this?...If so, how long have you done it?

I have tested every company out there over the past eight months and reviewed their polices.  I signed up for many of them.  I have done this and passed the exams for the 50k and the 300k accounts.

Can I try again if I fail?

Yes, you can. There is a reset fee of $85 for Rithmic (or $105 for Tradovate) if you fail the exam. This is much cheaper than losing the money in your live account. It resets quickly after you pay the fee.

How many days am I required to trade after I get funded?

There is no required number of trading days after you get funded. Trade as little or often as you want.

Would it be too hard to trade more than one account?

It is super simple just purchase our Trade Copier. You can also have more than one Trading account at the same time (up to 20 for PA accounts).

So, the only money I can lose is the money I made?

Once you are funded and you are profitable, then of course, you could lose the profits you made. But if you blow the account before you are funded, you do not lose or have to pay for it. You would just have to restart the exam again. Obviously, the ideal is to be profitable, so you can make withdrawals.

Would you wait until the markets normalize?

I have been trading in the market. I've also noticed, along with many of our traders, there are plenty of markets to choose from that are more calm.

What instruments can be traded?


Equity Futures

E-mini S&P 500 (ES)

Nikkei NKD (NKD)

E-mini NASDAQ 100 (NQ)

Mini-DOW (YM)

E-mini Midcap 400 (EMD)

Russel 2000 (RTY)

Interest Rate Futures

Eurodollar (GE)

2-Year Note (ZT)

5-Year Note (ZF)

10-Year Note (ZN)

30-Year Bond (ZB)

Ultra-Bond (UB)

Currency Futures

Australian Dollar (6A)

British Pound (6B)

Canadian Dollar (6C)

Euro FX (6E)

Japanese Yen (6J)

Swiss Franc (6S)

New Zealand Dollar (6N)

Agricultural Futures

Lean Hogs (HE)

Live Cattle (LE)

Feeder Cattle (GF)

Corn (ZC)

Wheat (ZW)

Soybeans (ZS)

Soybean Meal (ZM)

Soybean Oil (ZL)

Energy Futures

Crude Oil (CL)

E-mini Crude Oil (QM)

Natural Gas (NG)

E-mini Natural Gas (QG)

Heating Oil (HO)

New York Harbor (RB)

Metal Futures

Gold (GC)





miNY Silver (QI)

miNY Gold (QO)

Micro Futures

Micro E-Mini S&P 500 (MES)

Micro E-Mini Dow Jones (MYM)

Micro E-Mini Nasdaq-100 (MNQ)

Micro E-Mini Russel 2000 (M2K)

E-Micro Gold (MGC)

E-Micro AUD/USD (M6A)

E-Micro EUR/USD (M6E)

E-Micro USD/JPY (M6J)


EUREX - added subscription








Can I withdraw from my account at any time?

You are allowed to withdraw up to two times per month.  Click HERE for more information.

Can I still use the Trade Automation with this?


How much is the initial fee?

Depends on the plan.

Does the trading balance ever grow if I withdraw profits?

If you withdrew all your profits, then it would not grow! This is just the same as a live account.

Why would I want to go for an account smaller than the largest plan?

You may not want to pay the larger fee for the test and you may not be able to pscyhologically handle the larger drawdowns that go with a larger account.

Are the earning deemed as 1099's for taxes or a K-1 or a W-2?

1099-NEC Self Employed Income

Do I use the 6-3 risk management strategy for this?


Can I upgrade from a smaller to a larger account?

No.  Accounts can not be "upgraded".  You would need to buy a new account at the size you would like.

So, only 7 days to pass?

Yes, you can pass the evaluation in as little as 7 days.

Is the trailing drawdown on the account balance throughout the day or at the end of the day?

Live throughout the day.

Does the account balance include open trades or just closed trades?

Open and closed trades are included in your account balance.

Do you have to be a Super Trader to do this?

Not by any means, just disciplined.

Let's say I'm live and I make the company money. I get my account to 60K, but then, I have a bad day and lose $2500. Do they boot me off?

No, as the trail stops at Account Size + $100 and does not keep trailing on PA accounts.

How many contracts can I trade with the 50K account?

Up to 10

What if I lose $2500 right off the bat? Do I owe them that $2500?

No, just restart.

Can I trade micros during test phase?


Suppose on a live 50K funded account, I made 10K profit, would I keep 90% after the profit goal was reached?

You would get the first $25,000 then 90% of any profits you made in that account after that.

How many times can I reset?

As many times as you need.

Who is getting the margin call if it comes to that?

Not you! You receive no margin calls.

Once I start the trial, do I get penalized if I don't start trading immediately?


If I'm not trading my live account with Ninja brokerage, do I still need a multi-broker license?


So, the company only takes commissions when I withdraw?

They pay you the first $25,000 per account.

Then, you get 90% per account after that when you withdrawal 

Do I need a Ninja license for the ATM?

It's included with the license you get.

How do other prop firms compete with this?

Other companies (proprietary trading firms) differ in the following ways:

  • They require longer testing requirements and even multiple tests. This one doesn't.
  • They have a lot of unnecessary rules to trip you up. This one doesn't.
  • They make you pay for a Ninja License.  This one doesn't.
  • They make you pay Professional Data Fees. This one doesn't.
  • They cost more. This one costs less.
  • They don't pay out as much. This one pays out more, in most cases.
  • They don't pay out $25,000 100% per account.
  • They don't pay out 90% per account after the $25,000.
  • They take 2-3 weeks to fund you versus 1-3 days like this one.

What's the catch?

1 You have to pass the exam, hitting the profit without hitting the drawdown.

2 You keep the first $25,000 per account in profits when funded.

3 Then you keep 90% of the profits per account.

4 So instead of risking your capital, you're allowing them a percentage of profits so you don't have to worry about crashes, flash crashes, losing all your savings, trading stupid among other things.

Does their license include NinjaTrader ATM?

Yes. This is a full ninja license for ATM's and Chart Trader.

Can overseas traders do this?


Do I basically trade what I am trading now?

Yes, you trade how you are trading now.

Which trading platform I will use? NinjaTrader or Rithmic?

You can use whatever platform you want that they work with NinjaTrader 7, NinjaTrader 8, Sierra, Multi Charts, Motive Wave, ATAS, Rithmic Trader and many more.

Is it correct that I can trade two accounts (personal & the prop account) at the same time, where the accounts simultaneously take the same entries and exits?

Yes, if using NinjaTrader 8 you can purchase our trade copier to trade both accounts simultaneously 

Do I have to use my own NinjaTrader license key?

You can but you don't have to use your own. They provide you a key.

How much are the monthly fees and the costs to get started?

Please see the website link above for fee information.

Is this available in Canada, South Africa, UK, Europe, South America, Asia, etc.?

Yes, this is available in most countries around the world.

Do I pay for APEX license or do they pay?

They are completely separate from Apex Investing Institute. They don't pay for your Apex Investing Institute membership. Just like the Trade Copier and Trade Assistant is separate from them and they don't pay for it either.

Is there a reason they can give me an unlimited DOM but it's not available elsewhere?

 I'm sure it's available in other places for a fee but this is included with their program.

Can this be done if I use Interactive Brokers?

This has nothing to do with your broker as it is funded through the funding company. So, the answer is YES! If you have an account with Interactive Brokers or any other broker, you can do this because it has no bearing on it.

Do I call them or NinjaTrader if I need to flatten because of technical issues?

See this article on flattening trades.

Do I have to go through Apex boot camp to do this?

No, but you should.

Who administers the account?

The account is administered by the funding company.

Do I need a multi-broker NinjaTrader license to do this?

If your using a NinjaBrokerage account and a Apex account you only need a Ninja Paid license key not a multibroker. If your using another broker you may need a multi broker license key. Test it first before upgrading.

How will the indicators work if I use my own account under my key and then also have one account under the key they give me?

Indicators are not impacted by your platform key. They are locked to your machine ID, which is separate.

So, there are no other requirements to get funded except passing the test?

Correct. No credit checks, background checks or asset requirements.

Will I still be responsible for data feeds?

It's included in your fee.

Do I have to trade every day during my test period?


Is there a limit on how much profit in a day? For example, if I hit my profit goal in a few days and the rest of the days, I'm only taking $10 profit a day.  Is that okay?

Click HERE for more information while in the evaluation account(s).  Click HERE for more information for PA account(s).

Is the data feed through Rithmic Trading?

Yes (or Tradovate, if using Tradovate account). 

So, 7 days minimum for the profit target. What is the maximum? A month?

There is no maximum.

Are there any other fees besides the monthly fees?

There is a reset fee if you fail the test.

Can I have CQG and Rithmic connected simultaneous and as backup?


Do I have to use NT8 or will NT7 still work?

You can use NinjaTrader 7, 8, Sierra Charts, Multi Charts, Motive Wave, ATAS, Rithmic Trader and more.

Once funded, could I terminate my current NT account?

Yes, you could use just the key they give you if you want.

What happens if NinjaTrader crashes and it causes large drawdown?

The drawdown happens the same as it does in your live account. However, this time, you didn't lose your money.

How much paper work do I have to fill out?

For the evaluation, an onsite form takes 30 seconds. To get funded, there's a two-page questionnaire and a simple short funding contract. This allows you to be funded. It took me less than five minutes to complete.

Can I quit whenever I want?


Could I have this on one computer while my current NinjaTrader would be on a different computer, simultaneously?


Will there be any kind of training for the process?

You just click and signup. Then, follow the instructions in the email they send you and trade off NinjaTrader.

Is there any kind of non-compete or anything like that for me to sign?

No. There is no non-compete for the funded account.

Can I sign up today and start 10 days later?


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