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Now With Ninja Trader 8

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We teach you 8 simple setups based on Order Prints a revolutionary and much more objective set of rules for entry and exit.
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We have a dynamic trade room open around the clock with live commentary during the US Open hours.
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Gary Duhon I been here a long time .... Apex tools and systems are the best .... the latest Sniper setups are so awesome... newbie or experienced the Snipers series is for you....

Ken - Great training there @Darrell and the APEX team. Love the simplicity of the set ups and taking the guesswork out of the way.

Ron - Got my first sniper trade.

Ovidio - Nice Example waooo

Christopher Wall - Finished the course. YES! This lives up to the hype. Absolutely my favorite course so far! Bravo @Darrell! Thank you APEX and community! You continue to impress! :-)

Ron -early this morning...signed up (trades taken same day signed up)

Stephanie Graham Shannon - This is great!  If you have not signed up already you are really missing out!  I look forward to going through the Sniper Trading Course and attending all the upcoming webinars!

Niteowl - My daughter and her best friend are 30 years old. They are interested in learning to trade. This appears to be perfect for someone truly wanting to learn from the ground up. It’s perfect for me too, as well!!

Jason - Really high quality training. Well done DM, Lori, and even John These setups build on a lot of knowledge gained since OP came out. Pretty cool. Having options for all market conditions effing rocks.

Jack - been watching it it is SUPER FANTASTICO

Thomas - training very very good just finished

Christopher Wall - Loving this course so far. DM has set the bar high for "best course ever" from APEX. .... Also the setup videos are golden.

Craig - On Setup #4. Your hard work shows Darrell. Well done. 

Shaan - A huge thanks to Lori, DM, John, and Cam for putting this together... really appreciate all your time and effort

Richard - love it

Karl - I'm all in...

Marion Kuenne - Oh, I already do love it, haven’t watched all videos yet but heck these videos kept me up past my bedtime, Great job, and thank you Still watching the videos, you made it very easy to follow and very easy to continue the course. Great job so far, thank you

Aaron - Now watching setup #2. So far - I would agree is probably the best training DM has done.

Al - Good morning All - I was study and saw several times Sniper Lessons, it's fantastic and taste how Lori's Secret Sauce¡¡.. his magic surround all this fabolous system whth the Master Touch of DM. Congrats to all , Very Good Job¡¡

Marcia - I agree Cat. The training was amazing! Thank you Lori. It was great having a little knowledge about the setups beforehand.

Ovidio Good Morning.... The Best course in History!!!!!....Thank You Apex

eloy_gonzalez_-_Eloy This is mind blowing, it's amazing!

From The Elite Trade Room
10:45:41 {prospero:schnulli3_-_Marion} done for today, 3 out of 3

10:45:57 {prospero:oviforex_-_Ovidio<EN>} 14 ticks profit

10:46:10 {prospero:gspauld_-_Greg<EN>} 3-0 before 10am today

10:46:24 {prospero:jasonbwhitman_-_Jason<EN>} Done for today

10:46:30 {prospero:chuckle_-_Richard<EN>} counting last nights trade 6 of 6 awesome

Darrell, 10:47 AM 5/5 winning this morning after market open in first 1:30

Tim, 10:50 AM Indeed, but the first was too fast, didn’t take it, all other 4 were winners, nice.

10:58:33 {prospero:foxworth_-_Mike<EN>} have used the master spread 4 wins................

11:25:20 {prospero:tradefinder90_-_Joshua<EN>} another 15 ticks :) same target is that ice level

11:34:06 {prospero:woodwright789_-_Aaron<EN>} done for the day, stopped at 3 winners. but now trading demo to get my eye used to seeing the sniper setups. 

12:37:09 {phildelizza_-_Philip} that was freakn awesome

12:34:33 {chriscorogin_-_Cap'n_Chris} extremely helpful

12:34:21 {mkmutua_-_Matthew} Loved it

12:34:11 {hdtvscottf_-_Robert} Great Day-1

12:33:59 {hpsjim_-_Jim} Very helpful for sure

12:33:55 {tekoa977_-_Matt} great benefit!

12:00:16 {phoenix_rising_-_grant} and another winner…

11:13:45 {chriscorogin_-_Cap'n_Chris} The course is worth watching at least a few times. By the time I got everything set up last night I was exhaus

ted and fell asleep before I started watching the training on the setups. Now everything is set up and ready to roll, both in replay and live. tonight I am going to finish the training and practice, practice, practice in replay.

Who got that trade (Darrell in Elite Room)

10:45:05 {prospero:schnulli3_-_Marion} another 50 profit

10:45:05 {prospero:brad_mcc_-_Cat<EN>} yep

10:45:06 {prospero:davidcrisp_-_David<EN>} yep

10:45:08 {prospero:oviforex_-_Ovidio<EN>} im

10:45:09 {prospero:jwatts_-_John<EN>} Got it

10:45:11 {prospero:bigjake_-_dan<EN>} yep 

10:45:13 {prospero:littlepalm_-_Tamara<EN>} y

10:45:17 {prospero:phoenix_rising_-_grant<EN>} yep'

10:45:18 {prospero:rcwhitehead1_-_Robert<EN>} yup

10:45:18 {prospero:hpsjim_-_Jim<EN>} Yes

10:45:20 {prospero:Jeff1355_-_Jeff<EN>} got it

10:45:26 {prospero:jwatts_-_John<EN>} 4 for 4

10:45:27 {prospero:ramseymlr_-_Marcia<EN>} Got it

2nd Day In Trade Room

12:40:28 {kaltrax_-_Alberto<ES>} Thanks friends, I feel very good with Sniper, Thanks a lot to DM Check Out The Profits In Just  1 Day

09:45:08 {prospero:schnulli3_-_Marion} got 12 ticks

09:45:17 {prospero:schnulli3_-_Marion} whet in a bit higher

09:45:22 {prospero:brad_mcc_-_Cat<EN>} Yep  50 bucks. 

09:45:31 {prospero:hpsjim_-_Jim<EN>} Got 11

12:45:59 {prospero:jasonbwhitman_-_Jason<EN>} Got 10 on that

12:46:18 {prospero:tekoa977_-_Matt<EN>} good job

13:21:26 {prospero:sharpie_-_jack<EN>} did two ATMs up by 80 so far

13:28:04 {prospero:kaltrax_-_Alberto<ES>} 2 trades RTY  10 ticks works well same rules

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Many people are intimidated by the markets either from complexity or experience... and maybe you feel the same way. Isn't it too complicated, too technical, too time consuming? It's time to realize that this represents a massive advantage for you, if you learn the simple techniques for trading 7 Steps for executing 5 Sniper Trading Setups and learn how to Become The Sniper versus The Target

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Trade With a team in the Elite Trading Room. Market Commentary, Charts, Trade Setups & Help

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