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The holy grail of trading is not an indicator, if anything it is mastering Mental Capital! 

This is the most often overlooked area for traders. You can have the best system in the world but if you do not have the right Mental Capital Deposits with Mind Mastery you will sabotage it.

No matter what system you trade this course will help you.

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Apex All In Mind Mastery
Mental Capital Mind Mastery Training

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Master Mind Games:

Learn How To Trade With Confidence

Master Mental Capital

Stop Self Sabotage:
Overcome Fear and Greed

Master Self Awareness

Use Emotions For An Edge
 Fight Fire With Fire

"The game is mainly played on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears."

Bobby Jones

One of the most influential players in the sport of golf and a WWII Veteran

The Mind is a Powerful Thing and Most Traders Don't Use It Properly

 Learn How!!
With ALL IN Mind Game Mastery

"The most important part of a player's [Trader's] body is above his shoulders"

You must master the trading games your mind plays. It is the most important thing you will learn in trading. No matter how amazing your system or strategy is, without this essential piece, you will always struggle to trade consistently for income.

Ty Cobb

One of the best Major League Baseball Players Ever with over 90 Records

  • I’m going to teach you how to Master the Mind Games of trading.
  • We are going to dive into perception versus reality.
  • How to get your vision in check with 20/20 perspectives.
  • How to focus on progress not perfection. 
  • I am going to teach you the 10 gremlins that haunt our minds when trading and how to deal with them.
  • How to use emotions versus trying to be a cyborg or Vulcan when trading.
  • How to deal with regret, rehashing, or false confidence, and how to get back into trading.
  • How to be the true quarterback of your trading account.
  • How to deal with different realities in the markets and how they play with your mind.
  • How to use your emotions to turn the pressure of trading and outcomes to your advantage.
  • The 6 D’s it takes to keep going in trading.
  • How to take responsibility for what you can control versus focusing on what you can’t control.
  • What to do if you don’t feel you have the mental toughness you need to be a trader and the 7 things you need to develop it and keep it.
  • And So Much More....

•“I signed up to learn and NOT disappointed. And So Much more to go -- Very excited about the rest of the Event Great Event. Crucial subject  Dealing with the Self (everything)”


•“This has been a fantastic experience. I feel alot more inspired to get involved and get this down. I don't want to work at a call center forever XD”


•“What a great presentation. Thank you APEX family for going way out of your way to present such a wonderful well put together Presentation. Life changing IMHO. Great eye opener! your Mental Capital sessions were simply priceless! From the bottom of my heart ,BIG Thank you”


•“We won't find this passion and willingness to help each other anywhere else, it still blows me away “


•“DM was his usual self passing on great info from his vast experience.”


•I want to sincerely thank Apex for organizing such a wonderful event and giving us a chance to meet and share our experiences and struggles. For me it felt completely different when DM, John and Lori were doing live presentations and all pieces were finally coming together. The psychology education will help me in this journey and the knowing that we are dealing with uncertain events but we got the edge. It's time for me to stop looking for the 'Holy Grail". This is it.!!.


Learn how to finally overcome Analysis Paralysis

"If there is doubt in your mind…how can your muscles know what they are expected to do?" 

Learn how to finally overcome Analysis Paralysis

Harvey Penick

One of the Best Golf Players and Coaches of All Time (Coached many of Hall of Fame Golfers)

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"The whole idea is to get an edge. Sometimes it takes just a little extra something to get that edge, but you have to have it”  

From the NFL Coach of the only team to ever win a super bowl undefeated!

Get your edge in Market Analysis and Trading Mind Games

Don Shula

NFL Player and 2 Time Super Bowl NFL Coach of the only team to ever win a super bowl undefeated!

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